Tuition Assistance Program

Family Tuition Assistance Program
It is our desire to fulfill our long term goal of making Christian education more accessible, more affordable and more sustainable. We have not lost sight of our ongoing desire to partner with Christian families to disciple and educate their children. In an effort to meet that goal, our School Board has authorized a tuition assistance program to assist families with the cost of tuition. There are a limited amount of funds set aside for the school year, divided between returning and new families. All requirements listed below must be adhered to in order to qualify for this program. The sibling discount is not applied if financial assistance is provided.

The program is coordinated through the Administrator, Mrs. Bruffett, with a Tuition Assistance Committee making the awards, and a Resource Office to help come alongside families who even after receiving an award, would need help in learning how to raise funds to help supplement their tuition payment. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office.

To be eligible to participate in this program:
1. Families requesting assistance must be current on their billing with the school.
2. Families requesting assistance must have completed an enrollment application and have submitted the enrollment fee of $35 for each student before being considered for the program.
3. Completion of the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment Application (FGAA), along with submission of all requested verification paperwork.
4. For assistance in scanning and uploading verification paperwork, please contact the office.

FGAA Application Process

To apply for tuition assistance:
1. Go to or click the FACTS Link on our Home Page.
2. Create your new account.
3. The cost to submit an application is $30 per family.

Please note: There is a section in the application where you can add additional information regarding your financial situation. Please include the amount of tuition your family believes they can afford to pay for tuition charges. Provide as much detail as you think is necessary for the committee to review your family situation. We ask that you not go to board members or the principal directly so that the committee can make as objective decisions as possible.