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FACTS manages the business side of education for over 7000 schools nationally. Their program is used by more than 1,500,000 families. FACTS serves many Christian Schools and we are excited to be working with them and are confident that this program will lead to a stronger financial foundation for our school. In addition to the tuition collection process, FACTS will be electronically delivering invoices to you for non-tuition fees that you incur throughout the school year. This will provide you with convenient online payment options, as well as mobile, mail and phone. You may elect to have incidental bills automatically drafted. FACTS provides families with an online interface that is intuitive and transparent as well as 24 x 7 customer service.

In addition, FACTS Management Company offers a “Piece of Mind” option for families in the event of a death of a spouse. For a minimal fee of $17 a year the FACTS Management Company will insure up to $30,000 in paid tuition in the event of the death of a spouse.

We are committed to providing an outstanding education for your children. Working with FACTS is one more step in assuring that we can continue that mission. This policy enables families to choose a reasonable payment plan while enabling us to run a financially and educationally sound institution for your children and the children of generations to come. We trust that you understand our decision and will continue to support us as we continue with our mission.