Full Pay Discount:
o 10% on total amount due if paid in full by July 1st, 2016. Payment in full is non-refundable.
Family Discounts:
o First child is full tuition at $4250.
o Each sibling enrolled thereafter in Kindergarten – 12th grades qualify for $300 reduction in tuition.
o Pre-school and Pre-Kindergarten is $2.00 off per day for each sibling.
Pastor and Missionary Discounts:
o Full time Church Pastors 25% off Tuition only
o Active Missionaries: 25% off Tuition only
Family Service Hours Program:
o Parents can reduce their total Tuition Bill with a credit of $200 per child by volunteering 20 hours per student.
o Credits will be deducted as volunteer work is completed.
o These hours are required for families on tuition assistance in order to continue to be eligible for tuition assistance in upcoming   years. Any hours not completed by the end of April will be billed to the family at a rate of $10 per hour.
Host Family Scholarship:
o Families hosting a Foreign Exchange Student receive a $1500 Scholarship on their total Tuition Bill
o This Scholarship will be adjusted by quarters if there is a change in the Host Family.

All Scholarships and Discounts will be applied to current year’s billing only.