Parent Teacher Fellowship

The Parent Teacher Fellowship at Victory Academy is an organization of volunteers dedicated to encouraging the school’s faculty, staff, and families!

Each year the PTF plans and hosts events that honor God, while also helping to create opportunities to meet people, serve others, and have fun! The PTF’s goal is to come alongside the community and help make the Academy experience easy to navigate, friendly, and enriching for all. The PTF’s mission is to develop a positive and welcoming climate for parents while assisting the administration in meeting its current needs.

Children love to see their parents involved on a regular basis at the school and the school-parent relationship is strengthened by the investment of the parents’ time. Every parent is strongly encouraged to seek out opportunities and actively participate in his or her child’s education! The PTF is grateful for each opportunity that faculty, staff, and parents serve each other and our school in a manner that glorifies Christ.

Contact our Office for more information about how to join the Parent Teacher Fellowship at Victory Academy, and discover new and exciting opportunities to further invest in your child’s experience with Christian education!